Monday, July 2, 2012

Lego Restock @ TRU

What do you do when you walk into TRU (Toys R'us) and then found lots of boxes and boxes of new toys near the staff counter? You jump for joy and call everybody you knew off to share your enjoyment that what. For me, a little xtra, photo of what has arrived. LEGO!!!

LEGO MAGNETS 3PACK featuring StarWars, DC Super Heroes, Ninjago, Harry Potter, Pharaoh,  Aliens Conquest, and many more! Price range Varies depending on Series.

Looks awesome, i think before this, TRU or retail store doesn't bring in any of these pack. They are only available in specialty store, price wise am not sure if its the same or otherwise.

LEGO Multi-pack featuring  Pharaoh's conquest, Pirates of Caribbean, Alien Conquest, CITY and many more in boxes which i didn't have the chance to snap photo.

This is the box that is interesting, HUGE! with lots of features, opening Roof, Hood, Door, Windows! Volkswagen WOW.. limited unit only found.With interior. Very nice and worth the $ spend.

Another masterpiece LEGO.. the DeathStar, now how often is it to find that in your local TRU! my 1st to touch it  lol :p, imagine the price of that Deathstar, probably over 1k$. The Shuttle from CITY is huge too. 

Last but not least, another Lego CITY set on Christmas Theme. Now is that a bit early on Christmas?, its only July. Anyway, looks great too in this set, lots of minifigures in it, just missing the Santa Clause. 

Well there u have it, massive restock on Lego at my local TRU, Cheers.


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