Saturday, July 7, 2012

RIDER MASKED COLLECTIONS : VOL.12 (Announced/Revealed)

Well the latest volume to be release come July 2012 will be Vol 12 and with another 14 new plus 1 Secret for your collections. With the annoncement of the line-up comes also the Full reveal of all the 14 Rider Masked except the secret.

As shown from the photo below, there will be Rider Masked from 8 difference series with the breakdown as follows:

AGITO X3 = Agito Burning Form / Another Agito / Gills
HIBIKI X1 = Rider Eiki
THE NEXT X2 = Rider 1 / Shocker Rider
KIVA X1 = Rider Arc
DEN-O X1 = Goludora
W (Double) X1 = Accel Booster
OOO X2 = Shouta Combo / Putotera Combo
FOURZE X3 = Base State / Meteor / Cosmic State
W (Double) Secret X1 = NAZCA DOPANT

Release date is just right the corner, dun miss it.

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