Tuesday, July 3, 2012


HUMMER H1 is a new biweekly magazine by DeAgostini that just release a few days back. Featuring a step by step guide to building your very own KYOSHO brand Remote Control HUMMER H1 in 1/8 scale. Yes, after releasing a few other biweekly magazine, now we have a new publications on HUMMER H1.

As usual, the 1st issue will be at an introductory price of RM 9.90 each and subsequent issue will be at RM 29.90 each. As stated in the 1st issue of the magazine, the overall series will take 65 issue to complete the Hummer Remote Control model.

Subscriptions can be done at ALL SCRIPT office or via post / phone (form available in the magazine. Free gift that comes with the sub will be the Magazine Binder / Folder and also the REMOTE CONTROL for the HUMMER that cost about RM 200!!.

Free parts for the 1st issue include the Front Panel and one of the 4 wheels thingy.. :P. Dont miss it if you are a remote control fans or Hummer fans. Cheers


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