Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gokaiger Ranger Keys - Part 1

Bandai Celebrating its Super Sentai 35TH Anniversary with its Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger series, now releasing Gashapon RANGER KEY series 1 in Jaya Jusco and selected Toys' r Us store nationwide. Each is 200 yen (RM 8) for a Capsule (Gasha) featuring 16 Sentai Character.

The capsule in multicolor of Blue, Red, Yellow and green

Feature Ranger in series 1 is 

#  1 - 5 : Gokai Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Pink
#  6 -10 : Bouken Red, Magi Red, Deka Red, Aba Red, Gao Red
#11 -16: Go Red, Ginga Red, Ryu Ranger, Five Red, Mask Red and Goggle Red.

The packaging, each capsule comes with a sticker sheet and a 3 part Ranger Key, namely the Head, Body and leg. Minor assemble and sticker applying is needed.

more to come soon...



  1. Hi. Can I know where I can still get this at the moment? Its 2014 already.

  2. Hi Predeep, I dont think you can get the set anymore at retail, its been over 3 years since its release. Try your luck on Ebay or other online Auctions sites. Good luck.