Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Optimus Prime is ALIVE!

An almost life size Optimus Prime from the the upcoming movie Transformers 3 : Dark Of The Moon (DOTM) made its appearance in 1UTAMA new wing recently. The event was held in conjunction with the release of the TF3 movie in June 2011. Oh, there Bumblebee too, but i ignored him for now..

Prime stand tall at 20 feet high (6m) if not mistaken, comes with light up eyes. Off course he is static and not movable. Tons of fans and lookers took the opportunity to snap some pics with the heroes.

 Front view of prime standing tall looking over the human while on the look out for Decepticreep!

The rear view of prime.. hmm looking rather plain at the back no?? ohh and there Bumblebee again in car mode..

Ok so now there these display cases where in them its Bumblebee x many many more of him in difference forms and series and size. The the classic series, the Animated, pretender and tons more. The case below showcase Non movie related Bumblebee, whereas..

The 2nd display case of bumblebee are those related to the movie in all forms and series and size in its glories. Not to mentioned that its ALL Yellow! IN color.

The event also showcase other Transformers toys in its own categories (sorry, didnt get pics on those as too many ppl blocking the view) and also some talk, demos and Q&A sessions.Hope to have more of these type of event in the future. ..cheers.


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