Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bandai - Super Henshin MoriBakuru 2

Remember last year Super Sentai series Samurai sentai ShinKenger which its Shinken-OH was made up of moji origami animal. Well now there a similar product that Bandai is releasing called the "CHO HENSHIN - MORI BAKURU" series 2
Its actually Chinese/Japanese Character that transform into what the character is. 6 design to choose from and with 4 color in each design (Purple, green, yellow and black). Character are based on land animal, insect or sealife.

So in series 2, design available is WOLF, BULL, TURTLE, SHARK, KABUTO & DRAGON. Simply amazing and can't wait to find them on shelves. These would be release in japan mid december with the price tag of 100yen each. Since they are candy toys, expect a candy in them.

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