Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mcdonald's Happy Meal - Battle Force 5

"Let's Storm and Surf" is the tag line for Dec 2010 McDonald Happy Meal premium toys. Consisting toys for both boys (Hot wheels : Battle Force 5) and girls (Barbie: A mermaid tale), the toys will be release from 8th dec till 29th dec 2010. Each week will have 2 toys to choose from either Hot Wheels or Barbie, so a total of 8 toys design.

Will be solely focus on Hot Wheels Battle Force 5, The packaging in black color. 4 design from Battle Force 5 each week. Each Vehicle will also come with a mini character figure and also the vehicle have a gimmick to it.

The packaging

Hot Wheels : Battle Force 5 Vehicle
The Gimmick - Each vehicle come with a front activated mechanism that when hit
will spring open the vehicle top with the mini figure spring up.

The Gimmick - Mini Figure sits in Vehicle with spring open top

The Gimmick - Mini Figure spring-up

Vehicle and Mini Figure can be play/ display separately.
- Saber with Vert Wheeler
- Reverb with Stanford Isaac Rhodes
- Zelix with Zemerik
- Water Slaughter with Sever


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