Sunday, March 6, 2011

New 天下無雙 "TinHa MoShion" Sword

Yes, found this piece unexpectedly in my weekly toys sightseeing. This is the 5.5 inch version of the new 天下無雙 "TinHa MoShion" Sword that was release few years back together with a Graphic novel or comics (can't remember, too long liow). Excellent additions to my 5.5inch collections.

Front packaging. Don't know why the box is so big when its only 1 sword inside.

Back packaging showing "Khim Seng" Sword Saint both old and young and also Wind and Cloud on both sides. The arts not to my liking, dunno who is the artists doing it.

Open pics showing the 天下無雙 sword. Sword hilt in Red color and gold at guard area, the blade in matte gray with red lining.


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