Friday, February 5, 2010

Rider Masked Collections : Custom ZANKI

My 1st ever customizing on the 1/6 Masked collections series. What made me do it, well its because of the secret head in series 5 which is the Zanki from Hibiki series. Since there be a regular head of Todoroki in the same series, should be fairly interesting to work on.

Once i get my hand on an extra piece of Todoroki, i can get to work. Got me a paint thinner, a rusty look color, a masking tape, a tray, brush n scissor. Everything just cost me around rm30 and am on my way.

First, i use masking tape to cover all the part that DO NOT need to be painted. Which leave all the expose part to be painted with Zanki color.

After painted, then removed the masking tape (after paint is dry- leave it for 24hr). At this point, will notice some little unpainted area here n there so touch-up is needed to cover all those small unpainted area. Can use smaller brush, needle or toothpicks for this delicate small work.

For me, am satisfied with the outcome of it. Other might wanna use a clear coat paint spray to gave it a shining glossy look.

There, finished. Now i got a Zanki to compliment my Hibiki series without spending a hefty sums for it. Now i need to find others that uses that same color for customs. Cheers.


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