Friday, February 5, 2010

Be@rBrick : Series 19 (in market)

Finally, series 19 of Be@rbrick was release last year a week before christmas. Featuring Pink color box this time around and with the usual Medicom's trademark and design for the bears.

A case of Be@rbrick was selling at Action City for RM4xx.xx, since the japanese yen currency rate has gone up, price for the bear also went up. A case consists of 24 boxes of bear, what it be inside, which secret does it hold for collectors. Let "tikam" and open them all :)

What do u know, as usual the case contain a full complete set of 8 with some extra. I've myself tikam a few and got double of some.. but was happy to trade it off for others i do not have. Manage to get my wants which is Pattern, Animal, Cute, Horror and Sci-fi.

Only got 3 special bear, 2 of which is the Artists bear in the series and 1 is the hidden bear which is Momotaros from Kamen Rider DEN-O series in 2007. Why was MOMO choosen to be a hidden bear beats me. If any 1 know please enlighten me. Thanks and enjoy.


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