Sunday, January 17, 2010

EnterBay - STORM WARRIORS sword set

EnterBay has taken its share in making merchandised products based on the popular HongKong martial art movie THE STORM WARRIORS, a sequel to the STORM RIDERS in the mid 90s. the 1st release product is the Movie sword collections set comprising 8 sword that appear in the movie.

What i like about this is the packaging itself, the inner Plastic box which resemble a rock platform with the Movie title on it in red. Really looks good and its heavy too, with EnterBay's logo fixed on the top right corner of the box. This is the packaging that got me into buying the set.

Back of the box is kinda plain and is made from hard cardboard rather then plastic itself. With Enterbay logo, movie logo (Universe) n copyright.

Once the inner box cover is lifted, the sword is separated into 2 layer / level. Having the 3 main character ( Wind/Cloud/Nameless) sword on the top side and the remaining 5 on the lower side. All the 8 swords are in Die-cast metal and is around 6-inch in lenght (1/2 inch longer then the comics release version). They set really look awesome together althought i don't know the 5 sword from the lower side which was never appear in the comics book series and only brief appearance in the movie.



  1. is this for sale? if so, how much?

    1. yes, it is.. Rm 280.00 for the set. Excluding shipping. cheers.

  2. is this still available? I would like to buy one set.