Friday, February 5, 2010

Be@rBrick : Series 19 (Hidden Bear)

Pics for series 19 hidden bears was reveal just a day before the launching of series 19. Again we got 7 hidden bear available. What happen this time is , all hidden bears are in the same assortment rate / percentage which is the 1/192. This does not go well with some collector as in this series, getting multiple hidden bear is like looking a needle in the haystack.

Let see what are the Hidden bear be for this series 19. From left to right.

- Stussy XXX Anniversary
- Kim Songhe & Disney
- 裏SF [モモタロス(仮面ライダー電王)]

since all of them are 1/192 rate, meaning all of them hard equally hard to get. 1 per box i assume.


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