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A Tribute to Michael Turner

2nd Anniversary tribute to Michael Turner
Is one of my favorites comic book artist way back from the 90s together with others like Jim Lee, Marc Silvestry, Todd McFarlane, Kubert brothers, Joe Madueira and many others. Michael Turner started it all for me on Witchblade with his unique penciling style and detailing to each of his drawings panels and design.

Name: Michael Layne Turner
DOB: April 21st, 1971 – Crossville, Tennessee
DOD: June 27th, 2008 – Santa Monica Hospital, California

Before Michael become a professional comic book artists, and become president of his own entertainment company Aspen MLT, he was a pre-med student at the University of Tennessee. Then moving to Aspen, Colorado before graduation, later he moved-on to San Diego, CA, where he taught martial arts (Yes Micheal is a black belt). It was in San Diego that he developed an interest in comics.

In the 1993 San Diego Comic Convention, Micheal met with Marc Silvestry of TOP COW studios and show him his portfolio. One thing lead to another (CyvberForce / Codename :StrykeForce) and before he know it, Micheal was handed his first project titled "BALLISTIC" a 3 issue mini-series.

Right after "Ballistic", he followed up with Witchblade where he co-create, and which quickly elevated his status to a top-selling artist. From there onwards Micheal continue to products some of the top quality artwork in the comics industries.

Later he would debut his 1st creator-owned series called FATHOM for TOPCOW. From here on, Micheal decided to start his own company called ASPEN MLT with his creator owned titles like SOUL FIRE and EKOS

It was in March 2000, that Turner was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma, a form of cancer, in the right pelvis. He was treated at UCLA Medical Center with surgery in which he lost a hip, 40% of his pelvis, and three pounds of bone. The surgery was followed by nine months of radiation therapy.

It was a difficult time for Micheal, his family as well as his company as titles were shipped late and took longer to complete due to Micheal conditions. But all is prevail, Michael manage to everything back on track.

Due to his tight schedules, Micheal only manage to do covers art and mini series or story arc for various publishers like Marvel, DC, Image and other independent publisher. Some of his work for other publisher shown below.




In the end, Michael passed away on 27th June 2008, leaving behind is mother, Grace Crick, his brother, Jake Turner, and his fiancée, Kelly Carmichael.

A tribute art to Michael after his passing and was done by Chasen and Carly from


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