Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rider Masked Collections : Vol. 8 (Announce)

Series 8 has been announced and is slated to be release in August 2010 with another new 14 + 1 Rider head to the collections.

Looks like vol 8 will complete all heads from Kuuga series and also more from Blade series. Full detail list below.

=> KR Kuuga Growing Form
=> KR Kuuga Rising Ultimate Red Eyes
=> RIOT Trooper
=> KR Garren
=> KR Blade Jack Form
=> KR Lance (from Blade movie)
=> KR Larc (from Blade movie)
=> KR Glaive (from Blade movie)
=> KR Kabuki
=> KR Ixa Safe Mode
=> Dark Kiva
=> KR Decade Complete form
=> W HeatMetal
=> KR W FangJoker Form
=> SECRET!!! (un-announce)


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