Friday, June 11, 2010

Revoltech Sci-fi : Jack Skellington

Kaiyodo's Revoltech releases a new spin-off series called SCI-FI REVOLTECH which showcase some of the Sci-fi Movie Character such as Godzilla, Aliens, Batman and many more.

The series latest offering #005 is from Tim Burton's The NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS's Jack Skellington. Jack is sculpted by TERAOKA KUNIAKI

Front Packaging

Back Packaging

Front Cover open Flip

This new style packaging with the flip cover is only use for this Sci-Fi series and its very well done. Once the flip cover opens, its show scene from the movie and brief synopsis on 1 side, then on the other side is a plastic window that feature Jack and its accessories.

Jack Skellingtons comes with 5 interchangeble heads with difference facial expression which is suited for all form of pose. Also comes with 3 extra interchangeable hands.

Some of the sample pose and display that the figure is able to perform together with its unique head expression and hand pose.

Once open up, Jack and its accessories are in 2 layer of plastic tray packaging in the box. Jack is 185mm in height and comes with 10 revolt joint at neck, torso, shoulder, hips, knees and ankle.

The 5 interchangeable heads Expressions (Surprise/Shock, Threatening, Thinking, Tricky and Normal)

The 3 extra interchangeable hands that looks very fragile and the display tag for Jack

The 2nd and lower layer of plastic tray packaging houses the Base and diorama for Jack. The base diorama is a Run-down gate with wall and a big tree truck with branches. Hanging from the branches is a pumpkin and a skeleton like figure. While on the gate wall are 2 pumpkins.

This figure is awesome and together with a base diorama, 5 facial interchangeable heads and a reasonable pricing, its a must have for fans of Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas.

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