Saturday, June 12, 2010

Moose's Mighty Beanz : Collector Case

Now that the new Mighty Beanz has hit the market, how do you the collector store them up for your collections? By getting the Mighty Beanz Collector Case of course. Unfortunately the case only came in one color which is Blue in the local market. The collector case is being sold at most departmental store (except hypermarket).

The case is really plain to look at really, Moose should made them more colorful and more appealing to collector. Once the cardboard packaging wraparound the case has been removed, the case only shown the Mighty Beanz logo at its front only. A handle for collector to carry the case at the side.

The collector case open center side book style to reveal 2 side of the case. Each side is able to hold 25 pieces of the mighty beanz and total of 50 pieces. Basically not enough to store the entire series 1 which contain 100 pieces. The case comes with a sticker sheet with all the names for series 1 beanz for collector to paste onto the case.

Lastly, what made this collector case a good buy is that it comes FREE! with 2 (two) pieces of Limited Edition Beanz that ONLY available in the case. There are a number of difference limited edition beanz available.

Grab your collector case to store all your Mighty Beanz and get 2 free limited edition Beanz added to your collections. Have fun...

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