Sunday, May 9, 2010

Rider Masked Collections : New Type Exclusive

May 2010 was the date that NewType: The Live issue 5 release. The release also included a supplement which is the Rider Masked Collections featuring Kamen Rider W (Double) Cyclone/Trigger form in conjunction with the release of Vol.7 of Rider Masked Collection in April 2010. The Cyclone/Trigger is deem exclusively for New Type The Live Magazine and wont be available elsewhere. Collectors that wants to complete all Rider W (Double) forms will have to buy this magazine to get the Cyclone/Trigger form as well.

The Magazine is not thick but is chock full of info on shows, toys and merchandising of Toku shows. Then the box packaging that houses the un-assemble Cyclone /Trigger form rider masked collections. The box and magazine are glue together.

Inside the box are the cardboard foldout with a center opening for putting the Rider Masked in it with a bubble wrap bag to protect the masked from getting damage. Unfortunately the downside of this is that the Exclusive Masked does NOT contain a Stand for it. Hence collector need to get an extra stand for the Cyclone/Trigger form for display. Am still contemplate on whether to keep this or not, only time will tell.


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