Sunday, May 9, 2010

Moose's Mighty Beanz

Anybody here remember Mighty Beanz from 7 years ago? You know those Beanz shape like capsule with cool graphic of animal and caricatured human on them? See the picture below, does them ring a bell? Of course they do, the Mighty Beanz was once very very popular with kids all around the world. Made by an Australia Corporation named Moose Enterprise, Mighty Beanz have made a return in 2010 with a brand new over 100 pcs of new Beanz in Series 1.

Beanz from the old Series

With the newly relaunch of series 1, these new releases include the brand new MEGA BEANZ which is fatter and shorter then the average beanz. They are available in 3-Pack and 6-pack and also collector case and flip track which contain special limited Beanz. (see poster for more beanz)

Collect then all!! for they are disappearing fast!



  1. do you own any? if you do how many are you giving them away sorry im obbsessed with mighty beanz.