Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mcdonald's Happy Meal - ICE AGE 3

I know, i know, this is late... way way out late but still this is a good set worth mentioning. Ice Age has come a long way since its 1st shown in cinema a couple of years back. The show introduced us them farny and irresistible character like Scrat with his quest for nuts, Sid, Manny, Ellie, Diego and don't forget the twins Crash and Eddie.

So with the 3rd installment of ICE AGE, our heroes has a new story, new character and new places to explorer. McDonalds are proud to present ICE AGE 3: Dawn of the dinosaur kids toys with its Happy Meals from 2nd July to 29th July 2009. Yes that's 2009!.

There are 8 character to choose from and basically there be Scrat, Sid, Diego and Manny the original core character, then there's the new character which is Scratte (Scrat partner), Buck, Rudy and Momma Dino.

This time the toys will have a thermal feature on them which when rubs with warm temperature (ie.. your fingers) will reveal something related to the characters. Each Character will have a green color leaf like thermal feature on them.

Not much articulation on them maybe except for Buck, Rudy and Momma DINO. Momma DINO has a changing head feature too (head of difference expression). That about it, good quality but not much playability. More for display.

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