Sunday, November 15, 2009

Storm Warriors The movie : Greatest Sword

A sequal to the STORM RIDERS movie will be in cinema soon on Dec 2009 and will be called the STORM WARRIORS. This movie will be a landmark event for the comics title celebrating its 20th anniversary. Storm Rider aka FUNG WAN is conceived by Mr. Ma Wing Seng.

The 3rd installment of the Storm Warriors Movie 5.5 inch sword collections comes polybag in its bi-weekly comics book series # 554. As with others in the same collections, the Swords comes in 2 difference version of color scheme. (Click to enlarged pics)

The "World's Greatest Sword"(Finding hard to translate direct from Chinese), wielded by "Cloud" played by Aaron Kwok in the movie had also been redesign just like the other 2 feature sword/saber to suit the movie style while at the same time retain its original concept looks.

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