Tuesday, November 10, 2009

KEITAI SOUSAKAN 7 - Phone Braver & Booster

Keitai Sousakan 7 is a Japanese TV series about an secret underground organisation called "Under Anchor" that deals and fight cyber crime. Agents and their partners, the Phone Braver and Booster phone series fight crime in way never before imagine. Phone Braver were developed as Hand Phone that is able to transform to robot and have its own A.I., Booster are back-up/assessories/power-up for the phone braver and do not have A.I.

YES!! Finally, it made touchdown in local market. I must admit that i had almost given up hope of getting any of them after so long since they were release in the japan market.

These are some of the CANDY TOYS version of the Phone Braver and Booster Phone series. The series comes in 10 in a set with 6 phone braver and 4 booster phone to choose from. This series is self assembly model kit with sticker and candy.

Boost phone Grinder<<< == >>>Phone Braver 7

Boost phone Demolisher<<< == >>>Phone Braver 01 (Zero one)

<< Boost phone Speaker >>
Phone Braver Third >>==<< Boost phone Seeker

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