Monday, November 30, 2009

Be@rBrick : Series 19

Series 19 of Medicom's Be@rBrick is hitting store in December just in time for Christmas. And what a load of design this series brings. Featuring the 9 sub-series in its awesomeness!. Check out the people above involved in this series. Can you guess which is which.

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Series 19 line-up will be :
- Basic (Pale)
- JellyBean (Light Blue)
- Pattern (KZK)
- Flag (Spain)
- Horror (Ugly Doll)
- Sci-Fi (StarTrek)
- Cute (Nakagawa Shogo)
- Animal (???)
- Artist 4% (Jimmy Liao)
- Artist 1% (Bad Robot)

Expected release date to be Mid-December 2009
Size Approx 70mm height

As usual, all secret and Hidden Bear will be release once they hit the market, stay tune for future post.

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