Monday, March 5, 2012

Mighty Beanz - Disney Pixar's CAR

Cars Mighty Beanz craze was a hit back late last years with the release of Cars 2 movie by Disney's Pixar. Following its success by Moose's mighty beanz original series as well as other license series such as Marvel, StarWars, TMNT and many others, comes the release of CARS Might BEANZ.

The Cars Beanz is release in a pack of 4 beanz as shown in the photo above. Red is the color for this series hence the packaging and following the color of Lightning Mcqueen. Price is a bit high due to licensing of the characters but justifiable. 

Once the package opened, the arrangement of the beanz is shown, 2 at the top, 1 at the bottom and 1 at the center shown in the package on how the beanz tilt.

Lots of free space on the package which can be resize to smaller packing and save of cost production.. but then all others series have the same packaging style and size and shape, guess all of them uses the same packaging mould.

The beanz that;s in the package of mine consists of (Left to right) Jeff Gorvette (#37), Finn McMissle (#31), Grem (#21) and Shu Todoroki (#30). There are more then 40 difference Cars 2 beanz and could be more.

Have funs collecting and trading... cheers.


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