Thursday, March 8, 2012

Haul - RMC Vol.10

The long awaited haul post of Rider Masked collections Vol 10.. got them since last year and was too busy to made a post here. Even Vol.11 has been release some months back. 

Vol. 10 is another great release which has the KR OOO masked of TATOBA and RATAROTA combo. This vol. also complete the masked for KR Ryuki series. Unfortunately, another disappointment with yet another villain mask or in this case a head of "Great Leader"

As usual, the case packaging is the same as the rest before, standard black and white rectangular box with photo of the Masked in the vol.

Now what's inside is totally blow my mind, vol 10 single boxes is done is shining gold. Its really appealing to me,  something not done before for this series, sort of like an anniversary releases. Very classy and high end looks to it. lol..

See what i meant, its really looking good, all gold packaging all round, the standard layout of rider masked marks both sides of the box. Tatoba combo masked shown at the front with Blade's king form and Accel's Trial form at the top,

My 2 boxes case assortment, didnt manage to get a complete set of 14, not that am complaining just that what i really wanted wasn't in there. Ohh well, better luck in my next vol purchase i guess.

11 distinct masked out of 14 from 2 case, with 5 double, aren't as bad as compared to earlier vol releases. Could have been much better. Needed the TATOBA masked!

Opened and assemble some of the needed masked for my collections.. with this vol I've completed my Kamen Rider RYUKI series, next on the list is Kabuto and Hibiki series.


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