Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mc'Donalds' Happy Meal - 2008 SHREK THE THIRD

In conjunction with the release of the Movie SHREK The THIRD in the cinema by Dreamworks, Mcdonalds has in its promotion offers toys featuring 8 of the characters in the movie. Each of the each character will have a voice chip that when certain body parts is move, phrases by that particular character will be sound aloud.

Below is a picture for the promo In USA.


As shown in the pic above, the 8 character that made it to this promotions are SHREK, Princess Fiona, Baby orge, Donkey, Dronkey, Pinocchio, Gingy & Puss in Boots.

Some articulation or turning or twisting of body parts are in this set. The mechanism for the sound to come out happen when these body parts are turn/move/twist. Kinda interesting if you ask me. For example, if the DONKEY tail is tilt to back or when Pinochio nose is press sound will come out.

Also in local Mcdonald, there is only 8 character being release, whereas in the US of A, a total of 10 was release. This is due to the facts that there are 3 version of Baby orge being release. A sitting BB orge, Standing BB orge and a Pinocchio was included in Local McDonald promo but in the States, they have Arthur instead.

Interesting set there, can be made to improve for future toys.


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