Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mc'Donalds' Happy Meal - 2008 KUNG FU PANDA

McDONALD'S HAPPY MEAL TOYS - KUNG FU PANDA [Promotion period - Jun~July 2008]

In conjunction with the release of the Movie KungFu PANDA in the cinema by Dreamworks, Mcdonalds has in its promotion offers toys featuring 8 of the characters in the movie. Each of the each character will have difference functions such as a voice chip that when a button is press, phases by that particular character will be sound aloud. Some with movement control and some winding and bending actions.

Below is the promotion poster for the toys.


As shown in the poster the characters appears in this movie are (Clockwise)- PO (Panda), Monkey, Tigress, Master Crane, SIFU (Cat), Tai Lung (Tiger), Snake and Master Mantis.

The toys are kinda interesting with each its own movement and functions. There limited movement to the hand / leg and sometime the neck on certain character. Only PO has a voice chip in it which enable phases to sound aloud.

Listed out below are the characters Special Abilities as i like to called em.

  1. PO = Sound Phase : "HU hu hu hu", "Yahh HAA"
  2. Monkey = Spinning Wraise (spinning staff)
  3. Tigress = Sommersult
  4. Master Crane = Moving hand/wings
  5. SIfu = "Winding funtion on the legs
  6. Tai lung = Kicking leg with turning torso actions
  7. Snake = Bendable body
  8. Master Mantis = Moving Claw

Overall a great set to get, kids love them as character as well as playable toys. Cheers.

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