Monday, November 22, 2010

Lego Mini Figurines 2

Lego Mini Figurines series 2 only available exclusively at selected Toys R Us. Price at RM12.90 each, an increase of RM3 from series 1. Series 2 offer 16 Lego figures to collect from blind packaging that do not tell you what's inside the packaging. Sort of like trading figures from japan where collector try their luck in buying the pack and see what they've got, and trade them with friends and collectors alike to complete the set.

The figures comes un-assemble and with a black base and a catalog with all the figure feature in the series.

Figures that i've got are shown below :-  
From left to right : Vampire, Pharaoh, Surfer Dude, Witch and MIME artists.

Miss out on series 1 as it was all sold out, hope to find some when i',m able. Also series 3 might be coming early next year so stay tunes for news.

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