Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Yup, as some of you have seen and read it somewhere else, there a DOUBLE BRUTICUS at the horizon. No, it is not a new releases but rather an unexpected turn of event as some has discovered. Transformers : Universe - Bruticus, the giant combiners from the combaticons team has manage to get itself, BIGGER. As shown in the pic above, the mighty Double Bruticus is form by using 2 sets / teams (5 each team, so a total of 10 pcs). Surprisingly, the parts and joint are able to combined into a massive Bruticus, sadly it can't be say the same to Superion.

If anyone manage to get a manual / instruction as to combine into Double Bruticus, do let me know. Thanks and Cheers.


  1. Awesome! It's a little overkill but definitely awesome. I like the symmetry on his limbs, great work, man!!!

  2. It'll be great if you can show me the manual, i'm now working on 2 sets and i wanna know how you did it...thanks in advance

  3. Sorry Nguyen, no manual as this photo is taken from the internet. regards