Monday, September 14, 2009

KAMEN RIDER W - New series

NEW series for 2009, after Kamen Rider Decade ended, a new Kamen Rider series debut that called W (pronouce as Double). This rider uses USB Memory Stick to henshin and is henshin with 2 people (2 IN 1). A total of 6 memory stick is introduce with each having a power and a color. So this series will see a total of 9 color combination of riders.

Besides the 6 memory stick, there are 3 more memory stick for the rider gadget such as the Phone (Stagbeetle), Wraistwatch (Spider) and Camera (Bat) and lastly 2 more weapon memory.

The villain also uses the same technology, the memory to power up or henshin. Looking good, cant to watch it.


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