Monday, June 29, 2009

Kamen Rider DCD - Epi 20 / 21

Kamen Rider Decade - Complete Form

Tsukasa and gang has finally travel to all the 9 Kamen Rider world and is finally back to where they all started. But its all not what it seem to be in this world where all is too familiar and yet difference. The 10 world in the journey of Kamen Rider Decade - Nega World.

Summary :
KR Decade finally Henshin into a new form called the COMPLETE FORM with a device called the K-TOUCH and a "Complete form" card that is inserted into it. This new form has the ability to summon the main rider in their power up form.

- Decade VS Dark Kiva
- DiEnd VS Ryuga~Dark Kabuto~Orga
- Ryuki Survive VS Ryuga
- Fiaz Blaster VS Orga
- Hyper Kabuto VS Dark Kabuto

Episode 21 is where Decade Complete form made its 1st appearance and summons Ryuki Survive, Hyper Kabuto and also Fiaz Blaster mode to battle 3 dark rider namely Ryuga, Orga and Dark Kabuto. Dark Kiva also appear and is the leader for all the dark riders in the NEGA World and remain at large.

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